How Long Do Trampolines Last?

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There is no final or definite answer to how long trampolines last. This is because they are made up of different parts rather than one part. So while one part may have a lot of resilience and be able to withstand use for a long time, others might not. 

However, generally, a new trampoline set can last for up to 5 years without issues. If you are getting a new trampoline set, you do not have to worry about replacing it all or spending more on a new one anytime soon. You can always replace the parts as time pass by and as they call for it. 

How long the trampoline will last depends on a lot of factors. Factors like the shape, size, level of maintenance, frequency of use, exposure to sunlight, rain and snow. Also, the quality of the trampoline and the durability or ability to withstand pressure, wear and tear, and damages are determinants.

How long does each trampoline part last?

Trampoline have various parts which make it whole, all of these parts also have different durability level. 

1. The frame

The frame is the metal part of your trampoline, which often provides all the support that is required for all activities. Often the frames are coupled together to become a piece and support the trampoline. Therefore they extend to all sides. They are the base on which all other parts rest, so they give the trampoline its structure. 

Trampoline frames are made of durable metal, made strong and supportive. It could easily be picked as the part of the trampoline that lasts the most and can withstand the most pressure. The only time you will need to replace them is when they rust beyond reparation. Rusting, of course, often takes a very long time before it occurs. As a result, you have an average of 10 years or more before you start looking at getting another one. 

If you did not set up your trampoline frame in a rust-prone area, then it could last for an even longer time. Often, manufacturing companies offer buyers a warranty. This means that even when the trampoline frames rust, you may not have to pay for a new one yourself. Some companies offer warranties that cover you for years if you happen to have purchased one with a production defect.

So when buying a new trampoline, try to get one with a good warranty that will at least cover repairs or replace the parts when you need new ones.

2. The jumping mat     

The jumping mat is the part that actually makes up the trampoline and makes it fun. So, yes, the jumping mat is important. All activities are carried out on it. 

Trampoline jumping mat varies because they come in different materials. Majorly, jumping mat are made from artificial materials like nylon or even polyethene. They are made thick so that they can hold you in when you jump and be able to endure heavyweights. However, irrespective of how good they are made, they also have a breaking point which happens when they are used very frequently and exposed to hazards. 

A jumping mat is expected to last for up to 5 years. After this average time, you may need to repair the trampoline or even completely replace it. To make it last, however, you should repair it as soon as you spot a hole or damage on it. 

Jumping mats also often come with a warranty from manufacturers. However, it is not very common. So you may have to settle for a jumping mat without one when purchasing. The key to making it last is maintenance.

3. The springs 

Because springs are responsible for the bouncy effect of the trampoline, they wear out faster than other parts. Like any other type of spring, the trampoline springs are also very elastic. With time though, they lose their elasticity and become slack.

Trampoline springs are made of steel and therefore are also prone to rust. As you and your kids continue to jump on the trampoline, you stretch the springs, affecting the trampoline’s effect with time. 

Of all parts of the trampoline, replacing the spring is the easiest as you can always follow due DIY procedures to do it. It is also not very expensive and can be gotten easily. 

Depending on how often you use your trampoline and the weight the spring has to support, springs may lose their elasticity in months, causing you to buy another. 

4. Safety net 

Not all trampolines come with a safety net. For some, it is a feature they deem necessary to add. Safety nets are used for protection, especially where kids are involved. They prevent falling off.

When safety nets wear out, they become useless as they cannot serve the intended purpose anymore. Therefore, there is a need to replace them as soon as they are torn and weak. 

Telling the time to change the safety net is easy, as it is evident in the way they are able to protect. 

5. The pads 

Another part of the trampoline that often needs to be replaced is the pad. Pads are used to cover some parts of the trampoline. They are dense and made from absorbent materials. When they do not serve the intended purpose anymore, you can simply buy new ones and change them.

Pads do not have a specific lifespan. They depend solely on what they are exposed to and how they are used. You can use a trampoline pad for up to 5 years or even 10 years.   

How to make a trampoline last longer 

The only trick to making your trampoline last for a very long time is to maintain it. There is a need to maintain every part of the trampoline and take adequate care of them. Here are some of the ways you can lengthen the lifespan of each part of the trampoline.

1. The frame

  • Check the frames regularly, and provide repairs when needed.
  • Do not use in broken or bent condition to avoid permanent damage. 
  • Check screws and bolts, and tighten when loose.

2. The jumping mat

  • Patch holes found on the mat as soon as possible.
  • Do not leave out during bad weather conditions. 
  • Clean out when damp or filled with debris.

3. The spring

  • Check the condition of the spring, and apply anti-rust products or oil to slow down rusting.
  • Store springs away when not in use.
  • Use safety spring padding accessories when not in use.

4. The safety net

  • Do not allow kids to bring in sharp objects while on the trampoline
  • Remove when not in use to avoid damages that could be caused by extreme weather conditions

You can read on how to maintain your trampoline generally. 


How long do outdoor trampolines last?

Outdoor trampolines last for up to 8 years, on average. As earlier mentioned, how long trampoline last depends on the care and maintenance that they receive. 

How long do garden trampolines last?

Garden trampoline last for between 3-8 years. Place them in good position care and maintain repair when due to make it last even longer. 

How long do springfree trampolines last?

Springfree trampolines last for about 6- years. Rather than using springs to create the bouncy effect, they use a composite rod.

How long do trampoline springs last?

They last for a few years, about 2-3 years. Of all parts of the trampoline, the springs wear out faster, so you may need to change them more constantly than any of the other parts of the trampoline. 


Trampolines are designed to last for about 10 years. But when you do not treat them right, you reduce their lifespan, and they become useless in no time. The way you handle your trampoline goes a long way. It determines its condition and how well or how long you will be able to use it. 

Nonetheless, care and maintenance do not stop a trampoline from becoming old. It also won’t stop rusting as it is a natural procedure. All you can do, however is to take care of your trampoline and help it last.